Women’s Health highlights “Revenge” star Josh Bowman

Revenge star Josh Bowman opens up in the April issue of Women’s Health about his favorite sleeping attire, the secret to a successful relationship, and the best love advice he’s ever received…

Photo Credit: Andrew McLeod

When Asked…

When you meet a woman, what’s the first thing you notice about her?
“I’m a big eye man, because you can look into her eyes and see part of her personality.”

What’s the key to a successful relationship?

“For sure, honesty and respect. And fun! Fun is so important. A good sense of humor will get you everywhere. The last thing you want after a day in the office writing about some silly actor on Revenge is to go home to a boyfriend who’s moaning at you.”

What’s the best piece of love advice you’ve ever been given?

Women like men who listen. We have two ears and one mouth, so we should listen twice as much as we speak.

Your love interest on Revenge is hiding a major secret from you. Is that ever OK?

“In relationships, you want to be secure but not know what’s coming next. Everyone has to have secrets, but if I’m asked a question, I’ll answer honestly.”

What do you sleep in?

 For the full feature visit HERE

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