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Interview with: Daniel Howard, CEO

Elliot Carlyle: I always like to begin with the foundation. So let’s start with the birth of the Ego.

Daniel Howard: Well, I own a graphic design firm and worked in the clothing industry since age 14. The experience I gained from graphic design sparked my interest in clothing design segment. Ego is a joint-venture between me and Gavin Pledger, who is also a graphic design artist and illustrator. History has proven that the best time to thrive as a new business/brand is during an economic decline. We thought it not robbery to maximize the moment and launch this brand.

Elliot Carlyle: What in particular made you choose the name Ego for your brand?

Daniel Howard: Having an Ego can be both a good and bad thing. The good thing is that an ego gives you a ‘go ahead’ mentality which is how we started pushing the brand.

Elliot Carlyle: As a graphic designer I’m sure you possess a natural creative edge. Once you had the idea for Ego, how did you go about transforming an idea into a brand?

Daniel Howard: How can I fulfill the missing gap? What is missing to consumers? Clothing is about the brand and the lifestyle. If it isn’t correct it won’t sell. Also, finding the right team is key. Having different views was important to me which is why everyone at Ego didn’t come with background experience in the clothing industry. We come together to choose the best price and promotion strategy that will drive the Ego brand.

Elliot Carlyle: I believe that fashion and style should speak…it should have a voice. What is the message behind Ego?

Daniel Howard: Don’t be afraid to have an Ego. Pull it out of you but keep it under control. This is the essence of the design…as it matures you will see more and more avant garde looks but it will stay classy and clean. Our designs are eccentric, crazy and contemporary yet still have a classic look.

Elliot Carlyle: As with any new venture there are always trials to overcome. What has been one of the biggest obstacles for you in launching the brand?

Daniel Howard: Funding!!! We are strategizing and using our creativity to get orders placed and bring attention to our brand. Customers will buy it if they see it so our aim is bringing Ego to a larger platform with increased awareness.

Elliot Carlyle: I am certain that the bold and trendy flavor of Ego has caught the eye of many as it did me. Are there any names that have been seen or we can expect to see with the ‘Ego boost’?

Daniel Howard: Tiffany Gibson-Davis, reality TV star from the Bad Girls Club is signed as a spokes model for us right now.

A-list names such as DJ Drama, Flo Rida and Rick Ross have also been supporters to the line.

Elliot Carlyle: Where do you see the success of the brand taking you to in the years to come?

Daniel Howard: Lifestyle. It’s more than just a brand it’s a lifestyle. We are moving t-shirts to jeans, suits, casual wear, colognes, bedding….even rims! If I could compare it to an already established name I would say look at Hello Kitty. Our endeavor is producing a brand of that caliber.

Elliot Carlyle: What would you say is the biggest to key to your success with Ego thus far?

Daniel Howard: It all goes back to persistence and follow-up. 90% of reaction is based on persistence. You have to keep product in front of people. So even when I didn’t have it…I keep it in front of you. Lexus did it in the beginning as well. Before Lexus ever produced a car all they had was a commercial. So the attention of the brand sparked interest to purchase the product. You have to have strategy.

Elliot Carlyle: Finally, what words of wisdom would you give to other young entrepreneurs in the industry?

Daniel Howard: It starts with believing in you and being persistent. Keep your integrity, customer service and knowledge sharp. You can’t learn everything in school…some things come natural. You are your own brand and if you don’t believe in that you don’t have anything at all. Network, network, network…use your social networks and communication avenues…MySpace, Facebook, etc. Also, stay energized about what you’re doing. The old way of doing business is out! When building a joint-venture brand such as Ego make sure that your employees and those in your team have a voice in your brand as well. Your employees will work harder for you as well when they feel included in the overall decision-making and input process. You want to always know where to place your people and give them the opportunity to grow. In closing, stick with your vision! Take advice but don’t get distracted and sidetracked from what it is that you’ve envisioned for your brand.


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